Frameless Glass Balustrade Systems

Coming in 2018

We supply an extensive range of Frameless Glass Balustrade Systems to meet almost any requirement for commercial and residential solutions. They can take glass thicknesses from 12mm to 33mm and all our systems have been tested to BS6180. Some of our systems will meet 3kN loading requirements.

We offer the following systems from stock:


System  Material Glass Thickness (mm) Fixing method
Wedge-Loc™ Slim Channel  Aluminium           12.0 – 21.5   Base & Side
OnLevel Types 6020 & 6021  Aluminium            12.0 – 21.52   Base & Side
Panelgrip®  Aluminium            12.0 – 21.5   Base & Side
Posi-Glaze  Aluminium            12.0 – 21.5   Base & side
Wedge-Loc™ 3kN  Aluminium            15.0 – 25.0   Base & Side
Mega-Grip 3kN  Aluminium            25.0 – 33.0   Base only


These systems will start to become available on Liveconfigurator during 2018, but whilst we are working on the configurations you can still contact our branches or email for a quote and advice. Our staff will be happy to help.

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