Liveconfigurator™ is a very accurate drawing configurator with tolerances of plus or minus a millimetre. Please note that glass panels may have up to a 2mm tolerance due to the manufacturing process.

We provide advice, instructions, drawings, and .PDF documents in an attempt to be useful and helpful to our customers. However we are often not in possession of the full details for each enquiry or location. We have not seen the site, nor what customers may be fitting our products to. We often don’t know the fixings involved. Therefore the Data we supply is indicative only, and as such it cannot to be relied upon in place of detailed specifications.

In particular, mechanical property requirements may vary widely according to different product and product dimensions, fixings used, and substrate materials. Whilst we make great efforts to give the best advice we can, all information is given in good faith and based on our present knowledge.

We  welcome and always appreciate any feedback which can help us to improve the advice we offer.

We recommend that all customers should check thoroughly for themselves to be certain that they can complete everything to their own satisfaction.

No liability will be accepted by the Company in respect of any action taken by any third party in reliance thereon.

We always recommend that customers should consult the appropriate organisation if they need advice about planning or building regulations. It may also be necessary to consult structural engineers whenever required.

It is very important to lay out to the measurements provided on the drawings we email with the quote.