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  • Does your boards require maintenance?

    Rinato Decking is virtually maintenance free, just simply clean it every now and again to keep the dirt away.

  • Can I colour or paint your boards?

    No, we stock a wide range of colours and styles which are more than likely to fulfil your every decking requirements.
  • What is composite decking?

    Composite is a mixture of wood fibre, plastic and a small amount of bonding agents. These components together form a stronger, heavier and denser material resulting in far less maintenance than traditional wood decking but also looking more authentic than a plastic alternative. Polymer decking contains no wood or any other organic material. Polymer decking is generally believed to be the premium option when choosing synthetic a decking.

  • How many decking boards will I need?

    If you are having trouble working out how many deck boards you will need for your decking please email us on [email protected]

  • What are the delivery costs and times?

    All of our orders will be dispatched within 24 hours (subject to stock availability). We offer free delivery on orders over £150.
  • Are the decking boards easy to install?

    All of our deck boards are easy to install. Fix the starting clip to the first board and then use double clips to fix between each deck board thereafter.

  • Are the decking boards reversible?

    Our Natural and Classic ranges are dual faced boards which have a traditional grooved effect on one side and realistic wood grain on the other for maximum flexibility. Our Victoria range boards are single-sided with a choice of natural woodgrain effect or a traditional grooved effect across all the colours.

  • What range of deck boards are suitable for domestic application?

    Rinato Natural features a 360 degree wrap around Polymer Capstock shield that encapsulates the board and gives it year-round protection against the elements, perfect for domestic applications. The boards are double-sided.

    Rinato Classic has a standard woodgrain finish and is particularly suited to areas of high footfall or weight. The boards are double-sided.

    Rinato Victoria boards are single sided and available with a choice of natural woodgrain effect or a traditional grooved effect and are the perfect, cost-effective choice for any garden, balcony or patio.

  • Can I order a sample?

    Yes free samples can be ordered here:

  • Why should I need to allow for wastage?

    With all deck boards there is almost always some wastage where boards have to be cut to length. Joists are some distance apart and boards have to be supported at both ends, so often have to be cut to size. Normally we would recommend that you allow 5%-10% for this purpose. It is important to make sure that you always have enough boards to complete your project as different batches may be slightly different. Also if you are wanting to put boards diagonally, we would suggest that you require an extra 15% for this purpose.