The minds behind Liveconfigurator

The minds behind Liveconfigurator

We thought you’d like to learn about the work that goes on behind the scenes at Liveconfigurator™. First, let me introduce ourselves…


Liz (the brain behind Liveconfigurator™)



Richard (an incredibly old photo!)


The people whose dream it was to create Liveconfigurator™ are Elizabeth Fielden and me, Richard Twiddy. We have worked together for more than 22 years, not that you’d guess it from Liz’s photo! I have been been a blacksmith, designer, surveyor, and an estimator and have years of sales experience. My own design tools were a pencil and paper. Liz has many years design and CAD experience, and has worked with fabricators, installers, and sales teams. Liz has dealt with private clients, architects, and designers from many countries, producing original designs for prestigious projects around the world. 

The idea for Liveconfigurator™ came about in 2016, when our Design Team wondered if there was anything that could make life easier for our customers and our staff. We investigated what software was currently available and we found that in our field there was very little other than basic sales tools where people could select a design, enter sizes and either receive an email quote or someone would call them. They wouldn’t get the sizes of glass they needed or receive a full set of accurate technical drawings. They might have to wait until the next working day for someone to call them.

There were some good configurators around – most car companies allow you to configure their cars and will give you the price if you add accessories, but we wanted to stretch as far as possible what we could offer, so we took our ideas to Mike Brundle and the rest is history. Mike has always wanted to provide the best possible service for our customers and quickly bought into the Liveconfigurator™ concept.

Our dream

Having spent thousands of hours estimating and preparing drawings, we wanted to allow people to design their own system from our wide range of parts and select their own details and accessories. We wanted people to be able to use this tool at any time, no matter what time or day it was, and receive a quote in minutes. We wanted to give people fully-detailed technical drawings configured to their own sizes free of charge. We wanted 100% accuracy and useful information, but could we achieve all this? It was a mighty challenge!

Since Liz started our very first template for our Pre-Assembled Posts system, we have continually learned how to improve what we do, thanks to experience, as well as customer and staff feedback, and will continue to do so, with the launch of this new website. 

We offer configurators for:

How do we do it?

Each of these projects takes months to complete. We must carefully check all the product information and all the regulations surrounding the products. We have to produce hundreds of images and write the rules to make them function in the way we want. We have to link to our current prices and plan all the drawings we send out automatically. Details must be checked and rechecked – no one wants a miscalculation! The end results we think are worth all the effort. Any chance of mistakes is eliminated, and people receive quotes quickly. As well as detailed CAD drawings we send a 3D model which can be viewed on eDrawings, and a quote containing a parts list. 

The future

There will be more products to come in the future. We intend to continue working on Liveconfigurator into the foreseeable future.

We want to add other types of balustrades for stairs and incorporate mid-landings for example. We want to have more glass shapes to configure. The list is endless. 

Finally, we always welcome and appreciate all feedback, ideas, and any photos of project our customers have completed with the help of Liveconfigurator™.


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