We’ve Got 2020 Vision!


In 2010, when the last decade began, Joe McElderry had just topped charts with his winning X-Factor rendition of ‘The Climb’, Chelsea Football Club topped the Premier League table, and we were two years away from the much anticipated 2012 London Olympics!

As we enter this New Year, we also enter a new decade – the NEW roaring 20s! Instead of Gatsby and the Charleston however, we have the challenge of Brexit, and along with the excitement and anticipation for what the future might hold for us, comes the inevitable challenge to make 2020 ‘our year’ and improve on previous years. We look at the New Year as a fresh start as we begin to meticulously calculate how we can be better than last year. Let’s not waste too much energy focusing on what didn’t work, and concentrate instead on what we did achieve. Surely energy is much better spent on improving on the improvements we have already made?

Thomas Edison said it best: ‘I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work’. Look what he went on to achieve! This statement is especially true in design, and in developing new software. A lot of the time it is purely trial and error, testing and perfecting, until we final hit gold! While there has been plenty of experimentation this year at Liveconfigurator™, we have also hit gold at times!

Here at Liveconfigurator™ we are celebrating what we have achieved as a service this year and looking forward to new challenges.

First Birthday!

Liveconfigurator™ only had its first birthday in October – which makes the achievements to date even more impressive!

New Systems

In 2019 we added our Glass Stand Off Adapter System in both the straight and ‘L’ layouts, with the final ‘U’ layout not far from launching! We have introduced a real time price calculator that displays the price on some systems, amending the price as you change dimensions and select different options.

Improvements to our Website

Our main aim was to improve user experience for our customers. We are very proud of our unique configurator, which has been carefully designed to be as simple to use as possible to, but this year we wanted to look at the whole user experience of our website:

  • We have improved our Gallery with a more organised space where users can browse existing projects and get inspiration for their new system.
  • Added testimonials for customers to see how other users have implemented the software into their business and see how this tool made a difference to them or their company, saving both time and money.
  • We introduced a viewing platform on the website for customers to view 3D models of systems they potentially would wish to configure and embedded this into the website. While 2D technical drawings are imperative in the design and installation of a system, a 3D model helps fully visualise how all elements of the system work together in the early stages of the design.
  • When customers want to view their own 3D model from their bespoke quote, instead of having to search for the correct viewing software, we decided to add a handy tab on our website to the 3D viewing software which can easily be downloaded for free.

  • A social media ribbon – see more later about this!
  • Finally… a blog. This is a space where we discuss topics we think you will enjoy reading, updating you on new systems and showing the people behind the scene that created this platform.

Social Media

Social Media is now such an intrinsic part of our society, we thought Liveconfigurator™ needed to make its mark – so we created an Instagram! We thought this would be a great way to put Liveconfigurator™ on the map and introduce new users to its capabilities, showcase all the different systems we offer, explain how our configurator works, show what customers receive, and have a little fun along the way. We’ve been treating our followers this December to our naughty Elf’s office antics that have been causing chaos – from hiding cups and leaving clues to find them, packing peanuts all over the floor and wrapping our chairs! We were so proud to hit 350 followers before Christmas as we only started to ‘gram’ at the end of October!

New Customers

Every week we have new customers using Liveconfigurator™ so we would like to say a big THANK YOU! We are glad to be helping more people and saving our customers valuable time. We can’t wait to share our configurator with more customers next year!

Liveconfigurator™ has achieved much already, in a relatively short amount of time, and we are looking forward to continuing as we have and steadily making improvements based on feedback we have been receiving from our customers on which systems you would like to see next. We hear you! Balustrades for staircases is something we are excited at being able to offer in the not too distant future!

So, as you are coming into the New Year, happy to leave last year behind you, pause and take a step back, and look at what you have achieved already, either as company or as an individual. Use this New Year and new decade as a place to build on the foundations that you have already laid and always remember to celebrate your new achievements when they happen.







Our team all like to travel, and this is our office fridge full of all the places we visited last year on holiday! Let’s see where we get to in 2020!


Happy New Year!

Best wishes to you all from

The Liveconfigurator™ Team!








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Liveconfigurator™ is a fantastic tool and saves A LOT of time having to try and detail items in Tekla/Sketchup to work out quantities and produce basic drawings.

Liveconfigurator™ saves me a huge amount of time!

The drawings and speedy quotes help me to win orders.

Liveconfigurator™ is very good – we were impressed with the software and the ease of use.”

Liveconfigurator™ is a great tool for me, very helpful.

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