Something Different?

  “My deck doesn’t match one of the Liveconfigurator™ templates, so can you quote for different bespoke layouts?”

This is something we are sometimes asked, and we will do our best to help.

Please look at the example below. (We added the colours.)

The information we received was that:

  • It was our Pre-Assembled Post system
  • 316 stainless steel
  • 4mm OD tube
  • 10mm glass

The information we lack to be able give an accurate quote is:

  • No mention of the angles (1, 2, & 3)
  • We do not know if the lines are the edge of the deck or the centre line of the balustrade
  • We don’t know how the ends of the balustrades are finished
  • We don’t know the height of the deck above the ground
  • We think it will require a handrail on top, but aren’t sure
  • Posts 1, 2 and 3 will need to be specially made to whatever angle is required*

So what can be done with this information?

  1. It is possible to provide an estimate based on limited information, but this could change when the full information is provided, unlike a firm quotation which would be based on the full information.
  2. We can ask for more information to give an accurate quote, but if an approximate idea of the price is enough for the moment and you have to go to some trouble to provide detailed information, and need a budget price quickly, then this may be useful.

How Liveconfigurator™ can help!

It is possible to get a very quick idea of the price by breaking down Liveconfigurator™ into 3 configurations to get a budget quote. It won’t be 100% accurate, but it won’t be a long way out. If an order is placed later then details will have to be checked and prices will have to be confirmed.

Configuration One

Length A (in pink) is straight forward. It is an ‘L’ shape and can be accurately run through on Liveconfigurator™ as normal.

Configuration Two

Length B (green)  can be treated as an ‘L’ shape for a quick budget price. If an order is placed later, Posts  2 & 3 will require changing to ensure the glass clamps are at the correct angle. The glass sizes will be accurate.

Configuration Three

Length C (blue) can also be treated as an ‘L’ shape. Posts 1 and 2 will need changing if an order is placed, as they will also be non-standard.

How accurate is this?

This won’t be a long way from the final price after the accurate information is provided if you add the three prices provided to get the overall cost. The factors which can change the price from this method are:

  • The length could change which will affect glass sizes and the price
  • The ends of the runs could change
  • It will require 3 no. special posts made to the correct angle (if the customer cannot drill his own posts for glass clamps)
  • It will need one post less than on the 3 separate quotes (which will help offset the cost of the special posts)
  • You may require fewer glass stillages


N.B. * An alternative to having special posts would be to use our unique Sleeve Fit brackets with Pre-Assembled plain posts. The Sleeve Fit brackets can slide onto posts and have glass clamps which can be adjusted to any angle between 75 and 185 degrees. Using Sleeve Fit brackets will affect the required allowance for glass panels however.

Sleeve Fit System

A Sleeve Fit configurator is not available as yet on Liveconfigurator™, but may well happen in the future. At the moment we are working on a staircase balustrade configurator.

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Liveconfigurator™ is a fantastic tool and saves A LOT of time having to try and detail items in Tekla/Sketchup to work out quantities and produce basic drawings.

Liveconfigurator™ saves me a huge amount of time!

The drawings and speedy quotes help me to win orders.

Liveconfigurator™ is very good – we were impressed with the software and the ease of use.”

Liveconfigurator™ is a great tool for me, very helpful.

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