Glass Stand-Off Systems

Perfect for staircases and balustrades, glass stand-off adaptors help create a modern and stylish feel. Our full range includes zinc and stainless steel, types 304 and 316, and we have both Satin and Mirror polish versions available in a choice of diameters for a range of glass thicknesses.

Glass stand-off adaptors are a discrete and simple way of holding glass panels in place whilst offering a contemporary touch of elegance to glass balustrades, Juliet balconies, railings or staircase applications.

For Liveconfigurator™ we have selected our Adjustable Hollow Adaptors with a flat front, which are available in Satin or Mirror finishes, with a choice of stand-off depths from 20 – 50mm.

You are able to configure straight lengths of glass balustrade using Glass Stand-Off Adaptors, and we will be working towards adding ‘U’ and ‘L’ shaped layouts later in the year.

Please note that whilst we are working on the new layout configurations you can still contact our any of our branches or email for further information. Our friendly and experienced staff will always be happy to help with advice or a quotation for whatever you require.






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