Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!

This year has flown by. How can it be almost 2020? The Liveconfigurator™ team would like to wish everyone a very Happy Christmas, and we all hope that you enjoy a well-deserved break. However if you really can’t tear yourself away from work, rest assured that Liveconfigurator™ never takes holidays either

Traditionally this is the time when many of us review the past 12 months and plan for the coming year. So here is a look at what we have achieved and are also planning to do in the next 12 months.

The Design Team!

It has been an exciting year for our team. Liveconfigurator™ was only launched in October last year and the number of users has grown steadily throughout 2019.  We have added our Stand Off adapters in straight and ‘L’ shapes and have almost finished the ‘U’ shape, and made a few tweaks to the site, with 3D models and our new blog.

We have also had some amazing feedback from people which makes all the hard work worthwhile. Liz, who leads the technical side of Liveconfigurator™, has added several new layouts and our Stand Off Adaptor system. The website has been upgraded with several new features.

Our plans for 2020

!n 2020 our main aim is to tackle balustrades for stairs. This will be a big challenge for Liz, but hopefully it will save even more time for our Liveconfigurator™ fans. Stairs can be tricky!

They have different rises and goings. They have different angles and styles, so are not straightforward. However Liz has designed many balustrades for stairs for places as far apart as Japan and Equatorial Guinea, so understands them well and looks forward to the challenge!

We need your help please!

if you have any suggestions about what system you would like us to do first for stairs, we would appreciate your ideas. It could be posts or frameless, or perhaps Stand Offs. Maybe top fixed or side fixed is more useful to you? Please do let us know.

We like to listen to the people at the sharp end who build them. We have to start with one system first so which would you like to see? All ideas, feedback and photos are always appreciated here at Liveconfigurator™.

Please send all ideas to:

We can’t see a time when we will stop adding more systems and layouts to Liveconfigurator™  – if you use it, we will develop it, so please send ideas, your photos and tell us about any projects you have completed with Liveconfigurator™!

The inspirational view from our office window.

However you spend your holiday we hope you enjoy it and we look forward to a healthy and prosperous New Year for us all.


Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year to everyone from the Liveconfigurator™ team!





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Liveconfigurator™ is a fantastic tool and saves A LOT of time having to try and detail items in Tekla/Sketchup to work out quantities and produce basic drawings.

Liveconfigurator™ saves me a huge amount of time!

The drawings and speedy quotes help me to win orders.

Liveconfigurator™ is very good – we were impressed with the software and the ease of use.”

Liveconfigurator™ is a great tool for me, very helpful.

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