How to Stretch Time…

Time is a precious commodity for us all. We are always busy. Having used CAD for many years, and knowing the time it takes to produce drawings, along with the increasing demand for them, we wondered if we could find a way to save time for people and make life a little easier. We didn’t want anyone to have to fill in a form, send it off and then wait for someone to call back the next day with a quote pushing for an order when it wasn’t convenient. 

  • We wanted something that could be used at any time, not just during office hours. 
  • We wanted people to get a quote fast, along with a free set of drawings and to see exactly what they were asking for. 
  • We wanted it to be easy and quick to use and be really useful.
  • We wanted to save time for everyone.

It was a big challenge to do all of that, but we do enjoy a challenge in this office, and despite never having done anything like this before, we set about making it happen. To get to where Liveconfigurator™ is today and it has taken three years of hard work. The first challenge is to overcome the technical aspects of the software, closely followed by an intimate knowledge of the products we sell.

Our CAD Manager, Liz Fielden, took up the massive development challenge and has created something that is an amazing free resource for people. My own role has been to help with ideas and creating the website. 


We are now approaching the first anniversary of the Liveconfigurator™ launch, and we have had an overwhelmingly positive response and Liveconfigurator™ now has many regular users. 

 “Liveconfigurator™ is a fantastic tool and saves A LOT of time having to try and detail 

items in Tekla/ Sketchup to work out quantities and produce basic drawings.” 

Customer comment: 31/7/2019

We can’t see a time in the foreseeable future when we won’t be adding new layouts and products to Liveconfigurator™. There is so much we can do: if a system uses a number of parts which fit together in different ways or sizes and we can configure it. Our plans for 2020 include adding a staircase option. With different angles this will be a challenge, but it will be a huge help for everyone if we can achieve it!

As always, we welcome all feedback, photos of projects you have completed with Liveconfigurator™ like the one above, and any comments. If you would like to participate in a Case Study, please let us know.

Please send your photos, comments, and questions, to us at

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Liveconfigurator™ is a fantastic tool and saves A LOT of time having to try and detail items in Tekla/Sketchup to work out quantities and produce basic drawings.

Liveconfigurator™ saves me a huge amount of time!

The drawings and speedy quotes help me to win orders.

Liveconfigurator™ is very good – we were impressed with the software and the ease of use.”

Liveconfigurator™ is a great tool for me, very helpful.

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