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How Liveconfigurator works

With Liveconfigurator™ you can select from many different options and simply add your own measurements to your chosen system. There are choices of parts to meet your own site requirements. After designing your system you will quickly receive a detailed quote and a scale CAD drawing configured to your choices and lengths. If you then place an order you will receive additional detailed drawings, as well as glass panel dimensions, where appropriate.


· Our quote will be emailed to you within a few moments. All the parts you need for your new system will be fully detailed. They will have part numbers and quantities.

· The quote will also be stored in your personal history. If a customer comes back months later you will be able to find your original quote.

· Our prices are held for 60 days from the date of our quotation. After this we reserve the right to update our prices if necessary.

Save Time and Money

· It can take quite a long time for an experienced estimator to accurately work out all the parts and glass sizes you need. Our quotes are quick and always correct.

· Liveconfigurator is fast and accurate. There will be no miscalculations.

· You won’t buy too much or too little.

· CAD drawings can also take time to prepare. We send detailed drawings free of charge with every order.


· We hold huge stocks, which enables us to offer great prices and fast delivery.


· When you place an order which includes glass you will receive a drawing showing the sizes of the glass panels you need to complete your project.

· You have a choice of glass thickness and colours.

· You have a record of the glass sizes you used in a project. If the clients have accidental damage in the future, you can find the exact sizes of the panel without a costly visit and order a replacement which you know will fit.

Layout Drawings

· When you place an order you will receive a set of fully detailed layout drawings that are totally accurate.

· They are useful to your installation team and will show post centres for them.

· Each size of glass you require will be shown and detailed. If you need special pieces or make-up panels they will be shown too.


· Our UK based Design Team is renowned for innovation and designing new products to make life easier for installers.

Free Delivery

· In most areas delivery is free for orders of over £150.00 nett*. Orders below that amount are subject to a delivery charge of £10.00 nett* within our van delivery areas / UK Mainland.

*Any deliveries outside our delivery areas will be charged at cost. We reserve the right to charge for special packing requirements, i.e. Palletised Products.

To place an order

If you tick the Request a Call Back box, one of our sales team will call you back during our office hours and confirm everything with you. If you then place an order with us we will email a detailed set of drawings of your project to you.

You can also call us or send an email quoting your Quote Reference Number and we will sort out everything you need.

Please Note: Our systems are usually bolted, glued and screwed together and no welding is required. However handrail tubes may need cutting to length, and drilling the handrail tubes may be necessary, depending on the size and style of the system you have selected.

Where appropriate we test our handrail systems using an external testing house. We do recommend that you consult with your local building control before you embark on any major building work.

Architects and Designers

Architects and Designers who register with us are also welcome to use Liveconfigurator without charge. Please contact us to receive details of how we can supply drawings to you. If you are designing a glass and stainless steel balustrade, then we feel sure that Liveconfigurator™ will be very useful to you and save time by providing prices and CAD drawings.