Glass FAQs

Got a question about our software or services? Find an answer in our list of frequently asked questions below.


  • Can I install the system myself?

    Glass panels can be fitted using our glass clamps, or they can be made with holes wherever you need them. 

  • What is the lead time?

    Standard panels are often available from stock, whilst bespoke panels are made to your dimensions which usually takes 2-3 weeks, depending on sizes and quantities.

  • How heavy is glass?

    Our Bespoke glass configurator will calculate the weight of the panel to your choices, however approximate weights per M2 are:

    8mm = 20KG

    10mm = 25KG

    12mm = 30KG

    15mm = 37.5KG

    19mm = 47.5KG

    25mm = 62.5KG

  • How are glass panels delivered?

    We pack the glass panels and deliver on stillages. A charge is made for the stillages, which is refundable on return. You will need to offload from our delivery vehicles.

  • What standard sizes of panels do you offer?

    A full list is shown in our Bespoke Glass configurator. These are usually available from stock.

  • What is laminated glass?

    Laminated glass is made from two pieces of glass bonded together with an interlayer between them. The interlayer helps to prevent the glass from shattering into pieces for safety.

  • What is toughened glass?

    Toughened glass is simply a stronger version of the standard glass often found in windows. And is used in areas where greater strength or safety is needed. If it does break it will shatter into small pieces.

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